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In ScottishShop.co, we are trying to bring the unique looks to every single clan, at the same time, with the ability to customize their products as much as possible which is different from traditional apparels. We have served over 3000+ happy customers since 2017, our apparels is designed to match with the modern lifestyle, we are trying to reach more customers who interested in our products by innovating in designs everyday. New designs are constantly update daily on ScottishShop.co home page or if you have an idea or design that you would like to have printed on your product, please do not hesitate and contact us right away as we own a vast number of skillful designers and they definitely can turn any imagination into reality.

The Scottish Shop collection is inspired and influenced by the plethora of different brightly colored tartans to be found in our Scottish, steeped in history yet still an important part of the fashion industry. Combining the talents of the many famous designers and amazing manufacturers we work with across Scotland, we are spoilt for choice with all these beautiful fabrics woven on our doorstep. The business was founded on not only a love of real history, fashion, fabric, and Scottish culture, but also a desire to connect with people and attaining our ultimate goal of promoting Scottish culture across the globe!

Everyday, we strive to supply high-quality products with the greatest customer experience possibilities. Big thanks to all the Scottish Shop and Families! We have the nicest and coolest customers, we will continue to grow and serve the needs of our fantastic customers in the world. We are very grateful for all your support!

All of our products are made in China as we want our products to be affordable to everyone. By placing our factory in China, we are able to reduce the labor cost while maintaining the high level of skill, the materials are cheaper and the shipping costs are also be reduced significantly. If we are to place our facility in Scotland or the United States, the price will went up to 2.5 times. Therefore, please do not be surprised if you order(s) is coming from China, it is just a place and the quality remains the same if not better!

We will regularly have discount codes for customers. You can see the instructions for using discount codes in the Payment section.

Business Registration: 803 N Scott Ave, Belton, Missouri, MO 64012 United States

Marketing office in 136 Street Elevent HCM Vietnam